Grove at Grand Bay Presented by The Rex Hamilton Corporation

Grove at Grand Bay Roof Top

The Rex Hamilton Corporation has an important link to the existing Grand Bay Hotel having arranged its marriage with a major foreign investor at the peak of its performance as both a 5 star hotel and "the" place to be seen in Miami. It was the only Miami-side hotel to achieve the coveted Mobil 5 star rating even in the days of competition at the level of Four Seasons Miami or The Mandarin both in the Brickell area of downtown Miami nearby.

The Grove at Grand Bay Towers - RenderingLocal aficionados of The Grand Bay and her life as the Grandest of Grand Bay lifestyles are delighted to hear of its new life as an equally unbelievable condominium. This time she will provide elements of her unique past firmed planted in the rich history of Coconut Grove. Thankfully the "rescue team" includes developers with an excellent track record, a rising star architect in tandem with a hugely successful local architect, and one of the biggest names in landscape architecture today.


First, the architect and his dream creation. Copenhagen born and New York matured Bjarke Ingels Group was the winner of a design competition for the Grand Bay site and literally fifty or so iterations later, they came up with a simply stunning spiral of twin glass towers which rise from a forest pedestal and spin in the direction of the most amazing views available as the tower rises in elevation. Bjarke Ingels has assembled a formidable package of existing work which includes amazing design solutions to some very tough problems, including our personal favorite which was how to hide a very ugly industrial recycling center with smoke stacks in downtown Copenhagen.

Image thinking the problem through and deciding to trick the eye by building a ski area on top the building complete with blue, black, and green runs- all then open it as a public amenity for the city. Then in Manhattan on the Upper West Side he took a difficult site and covered it with a triangle tipped on an edge to pick up the southern light exposure and then slit to open a courtyard in the direction of the Hudson. Just amazing. Now pair this mind with brilliant local architect John Nicohols who brings the experience of 50+ hospitality projects like the old Grand Bay, the renovation to Fontainebleau, and a working knowledge of the local code. This is a brilliant pairing. Read More »


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